Choosing to increase the plant food in your diet or even to base your diet entirely on plant foods is a fantastic ethical, lifestyle and health choice, pat yourself on the back. The benefits are endless and here are just a few:

Benefits of a Vegetarian/Vegan Diet

  • Burst at the seams with energy from all the nutrients you’ll be taking on.
  • Less bloating from improved digestion – flat stomachs here we come. If you suffer from low stomach acid or a sluggish bowel you may find plant food easier to pass.
  • Although good cholesterol (HDL) is encouraged in the diet as it is important for memory and heart health, we want to limit bad cholesterol (LDL). LDL cholesterol may be reabsorbed into the body causing inflammation if there isn’t a frequent bowel movement. By having plenty of plant food there is an increase of fibre intake to bind to cholesterol to take it out of the body.
  • Look radiant – plant foods are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants just want to look after you, clearing the body of bad toxins to leave you looking and feeling youthful.

Not only do you look and feel good, but see what difference you are making to the world:

  • Less land and water used to rear animals.
  • Improved animal welfare.
  • Reducing world famine as there are enough crops to feed every person on the planet. Today many of our crops are used to rear animals instead of being fed to starving people in third world countries.