Nutritional ‘Goodness’

I’m a pesco pollo, you’re a what?

Understanding that everyone approaches life and living well differently is important, and we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to diet and nutrition, none more so than our expert clinical nutritionists. They’ve put together everything you might need to get your heads and chops around a vegetarian or vegan diet, explaining the difference in approaches, how you can eat healthily and avoid some of the common pitfalls.

They’ve even explained the nutrients you may be missing and how to get hold of them, aren’t they a helpful bunch?

But what if you’ve still got questions? Well while they’re not researching the latest trends and innovations, they’re on hand to answer your personal nutritional questions, so why not ask one of our experts your question today?

Different kinds of vegetarians & vegans

Many have a classical view of a vegetarian or vegan diet but some of you will be following a more specific version of these.

Why go vegetarian or vegan?

Choosing to increase the plant food in your diet or even to base your diet entirely on plant foods is a fantastic ethical, lifestyle and health choice, pat yourself on the back. The benefits are endless and here are just a few:

How to eat healthily as a vegetarian or vegan

Modern life puts an immense strain on our health. Environmental changes, increased stress levels of work and play and changes in food production and eating habits place increased demands on our systems, requiring more nutritious foods and making good nutrition more challenging to achieve.

Nutrients you may be missing

Having a diet rich in plant foods can provide most nutrients, however being unique we all have different nutrient requirements and this can be a result of health and lifestyle.