Top 5 sources of vegetarian protein

The NHS recommend that adults need around 50g of protein per day. Many people believe the myth that if you don’t eat meat you don’t get enough protein in your diet. But they would be wrong! A healthy balanced meat-free diet can provide us with more than enough.

Here are our top 5 vegetarian sources of protein…

  • Nut butters – There are so many varieties of nut butters on the market today and are a fantastic source of good fats and also packed full of protein. Two tablespoons of peanut butter can provide 8g of protein.
  • Quinoa – Try substituting your side of rice for a side of quinoa. One cup of this grain like seed (yes it’s actually a seed!) is quick and easy to cook and provides 8g of protein.
  • Chia Seeds – You can do so much with chia seeds! Add them to smoothies, soak in nut milk to make a delicious breakfast and add to energy balls! Just two tablespoons will give you 4g of protein.
  • Chickpeas – A great all round ingredient in curries, salads or made into delicious houmous. One cup of chickpeas can provide a massive 15g of protein!
  • Peas – Not only do they contain lots of vitamin C, they are packed with protein too! 1 cup of peas can provide 8g of protein so start getting inventive with peas by adding them to lots of recipes like vegetable bakes, soups and pasta dishes.