The Evolution of Novak Djokovic’s Diet

Novak Djokovic certainly understands the importance of nutrition when it comes to sport & performance. The world number one ranked tennis player has always been a firm believer in adjusting your diet to improve performance. In 2010, the tennis star authored Serve to Win, a gluten-free diet and fitness plan which Djokovic believes helped him reach peak performance and achieve “the greatest single season ever by a professional tennis player”.

Now, Djokovic has revealed his diet has evolved even further. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Djokovic suggested that he had been pescatarian for almost a year. Djokovic announced that he had become “vegan, with eating a little bit of fish here and there.”

Djokovic isn’t the first sportsperson to tap into the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Fellow tennis players, Venus and Serena Williams have been vegan for almost four years and still dominate the women’s game. UFC fighters, brothers Nate and Nick Diaz are also staunch vegans and credit their winning performances with adhering to a raw vegan diet.

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Image By Création CARAVEO – Flickr: Djoko, CC BY 2.0,