Top Tips for Becoming and Staying Vegan

Here at Vertese®, we get to work with some great people. In today’s blog post, Katy from littlemissmeatfree shares her experience of embarking on a vegan diet. Her top 10 tips for becoming and staying vegan are below.

As a vegan food writer and cookery tutor, I’m often asked for ideas how to become (and stay) vegan. I’ve put together a list of ten helpful tips, exclusively for Vertese®:

  1. Try some varieties of non-dairy milk and find a few that you really enjoy. They range from almond to rice, soya to coconut, so there is something for every taste. Try non-dairy yoghurts and cheeses too, which are readily available in large supermarkets.
  2. If you feel the challenge of becoming fully vegan over night is too much, then try one meal at a time. Switch your usual lunch for an avocado, sesame and lime wrap and order a soya latte at the coffee shop.
  3. The internet is a great place to find vegan recipes. There is a strong vegan community on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where you can share recipe ideas, photos and chat all things vegan.
  4. Plan your supermarket shop to include lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Buy colourful ingredients that you are attracted to for delicious home-cooking and get creative in the kitchen!
  5. Become familiar with the names of animal-ingredients that may be in processed foods like biscuits and sweets, for example lactose and shellac. Some animal-ingredients are labelled as E-numbers too, like E120. If in doubt, Google it.
  6. Many restaurant chains have specific vegan menus, for example Carluccio’s and Pizza Express. Eating out as a vegan isn’t difficult; you can always call the restaurant in advance and ask them to prepare something that is vegan friendly.
  7. Get used to people asking you where you get protein from. It’s useful to be prepared for this by listing nuts, seeds, lentils, beans and soya products. Protein deficiency is a rare condition in the western world and a well planned vegan diet can easily contain the recommended amounts.
  8. There is no longer a ‘type’ of person who is a vegan. People become vegan for many reasons including animal welfare and ethics, environmental issues, to reduce food costs, for a healthier lifestyle and to enjoy a greater variety of food.
  9. Bake a vegan cake. You’ll be hooked.
  10. Ensure you are getting all the essential nutrients by taking a Vertese® Supplement. My favourite is Vertese® Beetroot, B12 and Iron Complex, which is perfect for busy people on the go!

Katy Beskow