Going vegan for the month

Here at Vertese®, we get to work with some great people. In today’s blog post, Jodie from Jodetopia shares her initial experience of embarking on a vegan diet for the month of February. She’ll be sharing hints, tips and challenging some common misconceptions about vegan diets and how Vertese are helping her learn about her bodies nutritional requirements.

photo of Jodie

Hi, I’m Jodie and I’m going to be adopting a vegan diet this February, and hopefully, sharing my experiences with you.

A face to the name

Let’s start off with a little bit about me, so you know the girl behind the coming few articles…

I’m 20 years old, live in Kent in England and work full time in property management (i.e. a world away from the blogosphere). I have a lovely little space on the internet where I blog about all things life, beauty and fashion. You can find me over at or on Twitter @Jodetopia – feel free to pop over and say hi!

Saying goodbye to those food habits

Those who know me personally will be aware that although I try to eat healthily as much as I can, I am easily swayed, like many, by a good pizza or Mexican (I am literally obsessed with nachos). I’ve been toying with the idea of a vegan diet for a while now, as I really do think this is the best way for me to be the healthiest version of myself.

It’s partly psychological – the foods that sway me from my healthy eating are foods which cannot be consumed following a vegan diet. If I completely ban myself from eating these foods, I cannot even be tempted to eat them! You hear so many stories about how healthy vegans are so I really want to see if this dietary change lives up to the hype.

Getting on top of my health – will a vegan diet help?

I am generally quite a weak person – I pick up colds easily, I’m tired pretty much 90% of the time, I can sleep for England and there is normally something or other wrong with me. I think a lot of this is due to my diet, going back and forward between eating healthily and then binging on junk food the next week really cannot be doing me any favours. I’m really interested to see how this changes over February – will a vegan diet give me a new found energy? Will I be able to stay out past 11pm without needing a nap in the corner?

The facts that stood out to me

A lot of young people eat badly, and I think this is such a worrying factor of modern day life. Everywhere you go there are fast food restaurants or cake shops or advertisements of a juicy GBK burger. These companies are literally shoving all this bad food in our faces and essentially brainwashing us from a young age to think it’s OK to eat unhealthily. Have you ever noticed how next to many primary/secondary schools there’s a corner shop full of chocolates and crisps? They’re relying on children to spend their pocket money on sweets after school!

Did you know that in 2014, studies showed that 31.2% of children aged 2 to 15 were classed as either overweight or obese? How awful is that!

Away from the data and back to me

Although weight loss is not my primary reason for changing to a vegan lifestyle, I want to focus more on my internal health and mental wellbeing, I am hoping that I will see some weight loss too. I’ve recently had my contraceptive implant removed, and I should see a change in weight from this also. I’ve taken some rather unflattering ‘before’ photos of my body, in the hope that my ‘after’ photos will be much better – I’ll put them side by side at the end of the month as a big reveal!

I’m hoping that by adopting a vegan diet, not only will I become healthier, but I’ll also be able to show YOU, that eating healthily doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You won’t get sick and weak from cutting out meat. You won’t automatically become a tree hugging hippie (unless that’s your thing, in which case that’s totally cool).

Get the date in the calendar and join me on my journey

So, join me on my journey of being vegan. I started February 1st, and committing myself to the whole month of February. Will I continue after February? Well, it depends on the results I see! Follow my journey on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #VeganJodetopia and don’t forget to come and say hello!

Jodie x